The creation of space called Evolvingminds and its significance to your child.

Dear Fellowtravellers,

“All I want to show people is how by mastering to architect your own imagination your can have a life that helps you to have mastery that leads to a significant living, naturally and effortlessly. This process leads us to be in deeper touch with our self”

The narration below is written in a way that brings insights from my journey and distinguishes it as a value to the mentees.

The journey started when I was an 11-year-old boy who aspired to be on the moon.  May be to aspire that way was not in my hand. I was curious to learn and experiment with new things and was also more inclined at the philosophical nature of the ‘how things work’.  To search for the truth and to even know what it is was always a deep question in my life. Today I call it as MPQs (Mind Probing Questions). Today such questions are asked in the class and the participants are trained from foundation 4 onwards to discover their deep urge. I know what it means to recognize our deep calling!

During my school days I loved physics as I felt it was the only subject that gave me enough hope to understand nature.  I wanted to be a scientist and aspired to live like them. I always had good teachers who helped me when I was down. Apart from physics I was also passionate about history and the cultural perspective of human beings. I then decided I wanted to be a traveler- to go explore the world and the diversity of life and human nature.

After schooling, I wanted to pursue a degree in physics, as it was my passion. However, I could study for only three months. As a young lad I did not have the courage to say no to Engineering. I realized later that the ability to speak about what we want with conviction is a transformation. Today in the class participants are empowered to speak about what they want. Sometimes our education is so bad that one has to think several times about what they want. I wish the system could change.

I was an average student in my college days. I was very poor in my studies so much so that I needed to do my eighth grade twice. People said that I was a confused person and may not be able to study better. I know for them studying means security and stability. When people called me as a confused child I only said that I was an explorer. I was proud to tell people that I failed in the pursuit of finding my path. The path was my only goal.  In the true path to learning nothing is considered as a failure. When I was in school I never knew that one has to pursue one’s passion. I thought that things were already fixed. I never even knew that ‘choice’ exists for me. All I knew was that I wanted to become an engineer or doctor. Today in the class, participants are called “explorers” who discover their own path. They are given direction and guidance to find their path and we help them to discover that choice exists.

I graduated in engineering but I do not know if I was an engineer. I know that degree and practice are very different. I joined a manufacturing company and worked for two years. It is here I discovered that something called self-expression exists. I solved some defects in the manufacturing process and I was praised highly. For the first time I felt that someone could acknowledge me for what I am. I was given enough freedom to explore and rectify the defect. I started implementing my ideas and it worked successfully. The success came after much experimentation. It is those little moments that gave raise to self-expression. Then I started expressing myself more than ever and it grew by to build self-confidence. Then I quit the job to prepare for my studies in astrophysics. Today in the class participants are given enough encouragements to make attempts before arriving at a conclusion. This is a great way to prepare them towards building their self-confidence. 

When my self-confidence reached a threshold, I began to discover my path in this world.  I then choose to live my childhood aspirations as it was energizing me to take a step forward. My childhood aspiration was to become a scientist and a traveller. I then asked a question “How did humans have the ability to predict things in the nature?” I call this as my mind probing questions (MPQ) or thought provoking questions (TPQ) . It took some time for me to understand how scientists do their calculations. That is where I marveled the physical laws!  Today in the class they are taught in ways that bring out the wonder in nature through experiments.  To bring out the wonder in learning I researched a new method called “method of surprises”. This is a great way through which one recognizes the various assumptions that are holding them. Once these assumptions are broken then we get surprised. Surprise has a high energy that can be used to accelerate the learning process. Participants witness this in our class. 

I wanted to pursue astronomy and I did not know how to go about in achieving this feat.  All I had was the great willingness to learn. To do what one wants and to raise above all odds is a great obstacle one has to undergo in order to achieve mastery. I was in this phase of my life for four years. I started learning the basics of science in way scientists could discover. I never could learn this way in my school and college days. When I went to my native to learn for my aspirations then every word I read made sense and gave me hope. I discovered that there is a great joy in learning to do what we love.  Then I realized that learning was a meditation. Today in our class participants experience the joy of inventing. This will open up new possibilities for their life.  

I wanted to do research studies and I needed to qualify through certain examinations. I was successful in the second attempt. However I was not selected as people felt that there was no link among my degree, work experience and passion.  All I wanted was, to learn what I wanted in my life. The worldview is not the same.  This was a moment for me to recognize that there was some missing gap. I had a deep interest to pursue astronomy but on the other hand, I lacked skills and the knowledge to meet my passion. I was not good enough to qualify to do research. I recognized that there was a gap between passion and skill. I felt that in bridging this gap I have to put a lot of effort. I know I do not want to work to meet a requirement, as it was not natural for me. It should be effortless. Giving up was tough as I was attached too much to the outcome. My body did not respond to learn certain things I lacked. Continuing to do so was a huge stress. It took a year for me to choose a new path.  Today in the class participants are prepared to give skill required to meet their imagination – The tools required to learn to architect their imagination.

Then what? By grace of god I got an opportunity to work with children. I felt working with children was like working with my own childhood. I cherished every moment being with them. I felt that there was a greater joy in giving.  In a momentary silence with children during the class, I saw the echoes of my past through the eyes of the children and my life altered from then on. I have chosen my life towards contribution.  I said to myself let these children create a world as how they wanted to live with total expression. I felt this was a great gift. Evolvingminds was the name.  It is a space in every mind, which goes on to architect to its full potential.  Then the world would be a peaceful place to live in for not only our generation but for many a generations to come.  Today in the class, the participants whom I call as the Evolvingminds are prepared to create this great space in their mind.

It took 10 years for this journey to be in a place what I aspired when I was an 11 year old boy. It is possible for anybody to be this way provided if the right nourishment is given at right time. They can do it faster and more efficiently. This will be the role of Evolvingminds in your child’s life.

We do have a highly inspiring participant to make this journey. I have learnt more with them and still continue to learn.  Working with every participant gave me a diversified perspective about his or her life.

Today we have developed a foundation journey for participants. The foundation journey is for eight years.  Every foundation is for one-year period. As we evolve we would have a far superior structure.

It would be a great opportunity to participate to live your life effortlessly.  We focus on three factors in our foundation journey. 

  • Knowledge about the right fundamentals in subjects. (Human wisdom)
  • Skills towards architecting ones imagination
  • Effortless living by having the right perceptive towards living

If one has completed a foundation journey completely they will be given further opportunities to architect their passion depending on the participants urge for truth.  It would be an open environment for them to learn if they are in college. My vision is to provide such a platform for their evolution.

 “All I want to show people is how by mastering to architect your own imagination your can have a life that helps you to have mastery that leads to a significant living, naturally and effortlessly. This process leads us to be in deeper touch with our self”

Post by : Founder – Evolvingminds


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