Einstein and the Thought Provoking Questions

Happy Birthday, Einstein.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Einstein.

When we approach though Thought Provoking Questions (TPQ’s) and spend more on the thought process rather than the conclusions, School education can make a significant impact in our in our lives.

Albert Einstein was a genius. Today is his birthday. 
Our child is genius too!

At the age of five, he was inspired by a magnetic compass. His Thought Provoking Question (TPQ): How is it possible for the needle in the magnetic compass to point in one particular direction even though we move the compass in all directions?
His uncle was a guiding factor for his inspiration. Today we all know the impact he created. This is the power of the TPQ!

“Most questions have readymade answers, and it is given to children quickly. This process hinders the thinking ability of them. Most parents are always interested in the outcome and ask their children how this works. This means they expect a statement. A parent rarely asks their children how do you think about a question.” Anand Evolvingminds

Dear Parents, we all can ask a different question today?

TPQ: How to use the knowledge gained as a great companion for our life?

We have been trained to write an answer to the question. Most children are forced to remember. At one point in life, the questions vanish. We are stuck with the answers and do not know where to apply them. We are also trained to arrive at the answer quickly. This makes learning stressful and not enjoyable. Where is the thinking phase? There is not enough time spent on the thinking process. Example, we say the earth is spherical, it took so many attempts for people to prove that earth is not flat! This wisdom is not available for children.

It is essential to have a question where children could spend more time in thinking rather than remembering the answer. In a remembering question, we need always to remember, and then we have to revise continually. This is not wise! Once you stop reviewing we forget. Knowledge learned through this process will not help us when needed and is not a companion for life.

We need to change this process of learning. At Evolvingminds, we ask a TPQ and ask the children to come out with ideas. We then test their ideas. We work with their thought processes. Then we implement their thoughts and build a working model. What happens in this approach? A Thought Provoking Question approach leads to an understanding, and there will be no need for remembering. Knowledge gained through such a process becomes a real companion for life.

Ask yourself why some of the learning in life is not forgotten!


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”
When we approach though TPQ and spend more on the thought process rather than the conclusions, School Education can make a significant impact in our lives.

Dear Parent’s ARE WE ready!
We honour great thinkers at Evolvingminds.


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